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by Michaël Houlette, Sophie Jacquot, Hélène Gaudy
“The photography of Lena Gudd reveals that presence itself is political, and that its integrated, non-polemical, self-evident, feminist dimension is decidedly contemporary” writes Sophie Jacquot, researcher at Sciences Po Paris, in her essay for the exhibition catalogue Traces, conceived and published by Tumuult at the occasion of Gudd’s solo-exhibition La trace invisible des gens. Inviting to a journey through Gudd’s medium-format photography in a series of independent poster-like pages to unfold, a foreword by museum’s director Michaël Houlette further introduces into the artist’s philosophy, while author Hélène Gaudy draws upon Gudd’s photographic research on Fermont to write on an imaginary Subarctic town’s life: “Your thoughts would flock to it like migrations of animals and men in the winter. It would take days trekking in the snow. The cold would rage in your throat, and in your lungs, and the earth stuffed with snow would sigh like a pillow beneath your boots. You would stand at the threshold before entering the cold and then wait as the body made its home like a swimmer in the folds of the sea. Four days before taking off you would start to make your bags, and harness the dogs…”
ISBN: 978-3-945839-02-7
Publisher: Tumuult
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