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One cannot be fully separated from a place. He himself is a place. Making connections with a place by carrying on daily lives are as essential and important as the person to person relationships. A place can be one profound and complicated experience of a man. A place holding its very own natural, cultural and specific energy will interact with men and create multiple histories through the continual cycles of generation and transition. Therefore a place is men’s nature for fundamental existence as well as an origin of one’s identity and stability.

‘Film-Map’ is an ongoing project to take photos of the movie locations for 4 years. Film location is a work to bring out a particular concept of space from identity of that place. The new concept of space is preserved in the movie and carved to the audience. However identity of space in the movie is not preserved and no longer exists. The space of location loses its own identity. Nevertheless the location is recognized as a place with special meaning place to those who has seen the movie. The place is over-painted by event of location. The place of location will become a stage in real life. The residents and visitors will newly acknowledge and experience the place as “the place from … movie”. Taking photos of the film locations is a record of the places’ identity changes and the photographer’s personal interpretation of the places along those changes. And also places of location could be the stage where people consumes their desires.
ISBN: 978-89-7409-591-8
Publisher: NOONBIT
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