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by Jacek Łabędzki
The World Youth Days, that took place between 26th and 31st July 2016, was a grand and absolutely exceptional event. Almost three million faithful from 187 countries all over the world attended the event. It was a communal and amazing spiritual experience uniting people, notwithstanding their race, nationality, origin or faith. My photographs are close-ups of events where man plays the lead. I tried as best as I could to capture the atmosphere, the enormity of emotions and the multicouloured crowds accompanying us at the airport during the welcome ceremony organised for the Pope, along the streets of Krakow, at the common grounds of Błonia as well as at Misericordiae Campus in Brzegi. This album is a collection of my observations, coincidences and chances. It includes photographs which record split seconds that are to serve as memories and be pleasant to the eye.
Publisher: Camerapixo.com

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