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by Dorian François

Photographs: Dorian François Text: Dorian François Publisher: Les Editions du silence 110 pages Pictures: 40 Year: 2017 Price: 75 € 5 volumes. Leporello. Hardcover under slipcase, 210 x 160 mm. First edition, 2017. Black & white photographs. Text in french. Edition limited to 200 copies My plan was to travel through China for 3 months, by train, to visit ten of its biggest cities. I would photograph and write every day, no matter what. I have been going to China for the past 12 years and I expected my work to continue in the same vein. Although, as time goes by, the writing veers away from matter-of-fact observations to reflections of a more intimate nature. What I see and experience in China brings back memories from childhood, dreams, long forgotten feelings and so, in the end, the written journal has very little to do with China, at least not the China I see, my camera records, and the pictures display. This split, this gradual separation between the world of the eye and the world of the mind, is what allows for this specific work to become, in a way, a rather wistful story-board of a trip through China.

Publisher: Les éditions du silence
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