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by Marko T Wramén & Anna W Thorbjörnsson
Photo book for art project Waterlife.

Water is life. Water is the origin of all. Without water there is no life. Our planet is a water planet, a water globe. Earth is scarce.

When we, as a photographer couple, were expecting our first baby, these facts came to our minds. Our baby was floating in its own water sphere, the only world it knew by then was an underwater world.

We travelled to High Springs in Northern Florida, USA, where a vast underwater river system reaches the surface of earth in form of springs. In these springs, warm clear water flows out of caves and into a river. These water-filled holes in the surface of our planet reminded us of uterus – the uterus of our world, where life, water, comes out into the world.

Taking photos of Anna under water in these springs, carrying our baby in it’s own water sphere, is our tribute to life, and to water as the origin of all life.

All photos are taken in natural light while breath-hold diving.

Waterlife was selected to participate at the Festival Européen de la Photo de Nu in Arles, France in May 2016.

Waterlife was awarded Bronze in Freedom category in Nude 2016 International PhotoShoot Awards in Montreal, Canada, and selected as Finalist in the Nature category.

Waterlife was exhibited at Kunsthal 45 in the Netherlands and Capture Gallery in Sweden.
ISBN: 978-91-982425-2-2
Publisher: Förlag Waterglobe Productions

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