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by Eduardo Mazzeo
This book exhibits a photographic collection presented in five series of beautifully displayed images. The scent has been captured throughout many years of work and thousands of kilometers traveled in different means of transportation. This is a journey about exploration. Sometimes work put me on the road and sometimes my curiosity to visit and interpret places, cities, towns, villages, roads and routes….Nature. How human race interacts with the environment, our relationship with nature, how we settle down in a territory… Understanding the logic of different villages or finding an explanation for the abandoned sites. Photographs on this book are purely spontaneous; no scenes have been set up. It is all about using sensitivity and educating our capacity to see, to be able to identify scenes or compositions that appear during a limited period of time responding to the light of the moment. The purpose of this book is to share sensations, to transmit lived moments through photography and stimulate the mind of our observers to generate a thought, reflection or just a simple stimulus. ---- (120 pages - 23 x 23 cm - text in Spanish and English) ---- You can find "Monocromos" in: University of Notre Dame, Hesburgh Library (Notre Dame, IN 46556 United States) ---- Cornell University Library (Ithaca, NY 14853 United States) ---- Library of Congress (Washington, DC 20540 United States) ---- University of Texas Libraries (Austin, TX 78713 United States) ---- Princeton University Library (Princeton, NJ 08544 United States) ---- Tulane University, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library (New Orleans, LA 70118 United States) ---- Metropolitan Museum of Art , Thomas J. Watson Library (New York, NY 10028 United States) ---- New York Public Library System, NYPL (New York, NY 10018 United States) ---- Harvard University, Fine Arts Library (Cambridge, MA 02138 United States) ---- UC Berkeley Libraries (Berkeley, CA 94720 United States) ---- Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Bibliothek (Berlin, 10785 Germany) ---- CCE Centro Cultural de España en Montevideo (Rincón 629, Montevideo, Uruguay).
ISBN: 978-9974-91-204-5
Publisher: Eduardo Mazzeo

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