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16th Century Tube Passengers
by Matt Crabtree
Issue #1 of '16th Century Tube Passengers'.

A Limited Edition of 220 hardbacks. Each book is signed and editioned.

I began this project of capturing '16th Century Tube Passengers' back in May 2016. It started simply as something to do on a mundane morning commute into our capital, capturing Underground commuters lost in their own beautiful, fleeting moments of solitude.

Spurred on by the amount of publicity it gained, I have spent the past year shooting, collating and putting them into this 'Limited Edition' of 220 hardback books.

Each shot was taken, retouched and posted from my iPhone during a tube journey over a 12 month period from May 2016, and turned the most boring part of my day into something really special.

230mm x 190mm. This hardback book has 44 Pages and debossed cover and designed by my brother Tom Crabtree.

Utter beauty is all around us, we just need to look up more.

Publisher: Self Published 'Limited Edition' 220

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