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Coney Island
by Amy Lyne
I have been asked why I would spend time shooting Coney Island when it has already been so widely photographed. I was drawn to Coney Island because of Lisette Model’s "Coney Island Bather” and I wanted to know if I could find remnants of that Coney Island. The train ride to Coney Island would take an eternity. It is at the end of the R train and I live in Downtown Manhattan... 64 minutes and 17 stops later, I would disembark and stomp through the sand for hours on end. The beach was always packed. I would weave in and out of the lines of greased bodies, but no one seemed bothered. Everyone was engrossed in their sunbathing, playing, grooming... I was invisible.

Amy Lyne
ISBN: 978-0-9989284-0-1
Publisher: Peeper Press

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