Daniel Castro Garcia

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Foreigner: Collected Writing 2017
by Daniel Castro Garcia (Author, Photographer), Jade Morris (Contributor), Thomas Saxby (Designer)
This newspaper has been printed in an edition of one thousand copies and combines photos from the British Journal of Photography’s International Photography Award Exhibition 2017, writing from some of the world’s leading specialists on the subject of the European migrant and refugee crisis and texts from individuals that have experienced parts of this crisis first hand. The aim of this publication is to provide perspectives on the subject of migration that are not often found in the mainstream media. We feel that when journalism and public discourse move into the sphere of inflammatory language and misinformation, so often the real victims are forgotten.

List of contributors: Aly Gadiaga, Madia Souare, Alexander Betts (Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford), Charles Heller and Lorenzo Pezzani (Forensic Architecture, Goldsmiths University), and Lindsey Hilsum (International Editor, Channel 4 News)

36 pages 29 colour plates 289mm x 370mm Includes one A4 print on 150gsm Olin Natural White paper £8 + P&P
Publisher: John Radcliffe Studio, March 2017
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