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Loftus - The Hall of Dreams
by Helena B. Scott & Steve Meyler
Loftus Hall, on the wind-swept Hook peninsula is a three-storey nine-bay mansion rebuilt in 1871, which incorporates parts of an older medieval residence built in the time of the black death and the previous late 17th century house of the Loftus family. A fine example of Irish Palladianism, Loftus Hall harbours countless trapped, tortured spirits and is a known site of psychic disturbances. Here, powers of darkness dwell with innocence, amid the hopeless insanity of a young girl who died of a broken heart. The definitive study on the Loftus Demesne and its past comes to life in a story based on research, facts and paranormal experiences. Evidence and comprehensive historical research are intertwined with popular myth and beautiful images of Irish architecture. This book uncovers all that lay hidden beneath its abandoned walls and has not been forgotten. In silence, the house speaks through these pages and ultimately, tells its true story. Meticulously researched, the haunting mansion of Loftus Hall is explored in depth from an architectural point of view, through the experienced lens of a photographer who has captured its true essence, elegance and spirit. Additionally, the stately home reveals itself to an empathic and intuitive writer, voicing its silent desires so that justice may finally be done. Loftus Hall is indeed haunted, but by whom? A creative and factual work that transcends the popular myth of the devil and the young Lady Anne, unearthing what was hidden during centuries, bringing to light new theories and undisputed facts. Perhaps it is not only Loftus Hall, but rather the land on which it lies that holds an even darker secret and older story; the dreams of many souls who left this world and the nightmares of those that are still living. Walk with us as we guide you through Loftus Hall, Ireland’s most haunted house, to discover its untold story; finally unveiled in its 666th anniversary.
ISBN: 9781905597727
Publisher: Maison Noir Press

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