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Het Lage Land The Low Land
by Siebe Swart

The Low Land is about the past, present and future of the Netherlands as a low-lying, coastal, river delta country. From a helicopter, photographer Siebe Swart (Amsterdam, 1957) charted the Dutch coast from Zeeland to Groningen, but also the country’s largest rivers: the Meuse, Rhine, IJssel and Scheldt. His unique aerial photographs show how past floods have left scars on the Dutch landscape, and how dikes, levees, spillways and weirs protect this vulnerable country from the constant threat of water. In these times of climate change, the struggle against water continues unabated. Besides unique full-page aerial photographs, the large-format book has an extensive index with background information on the IJsselmeer Barrier Dam, the Delta Works, Room for the River, the River Meuse Project, the Weak Links coastal reinforcement programme, and the Sand Motor. The introduction is by Nanda van den Berg, senior curator for the Huis Marseille Museum for Photography in Amsterdam

ISBN: 9789491196164
Publisher: Erven de Toekomst
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