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by Gregory Rusmana

Outtakes, a short ommited scene in the final version of a movie which is deleted since the action is wrong. Somehow those scenes were not really deleted, they often shown at the end of the movie or credit. For me, the outtakes appears not only in the movie, but also in our daily life. In the very chaotic of human routine and activities, it appears in certain miliseconds of time. If our life is constructed by billion particle of frames, many of those are the frames showing the ordinary or normal moment, while the ambiguity and absurdity lies within the rare one called the outtakes. By the power of decisive moment, photography is able to freeze very specific moments. This book offers a collection of exposed frames about outtakes appears in front of my eyes and lens, showing the visual anomaly as the keyword for every photograph taken and put in this very book.

Publisher: Selfpublish