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Elders (Elsewhere in english)
by Mascha Joustra
'elsewhere' -- travels in my own neighborhood--

Although I am now living in a city in the northern part of The Netherlands, I am always longing to return to the countryside of my childhood in the south, below the two large rivers that divide the country like borders. Below these rivers the language, the attitude and even the history of religion is different. In the south part of my country I feel the people are less tough, less distant and more joyful. In this series Elders (translated: Elsewhere) I am wandering through my new northern habitat. The people I meet here remind me of the people of my childhood, however somehow I cannot reach them that easily. I meet witches, farmers and animals and I wander through fairs and circuses. Is the history of the Catholic (south) versus Protestant (north) religion causing differences in people’s behaviour? I am still finding out.. Elders shows my on-going quest in black-and-white images that are sometimes interrupted by images of a catholic procession in colour, a story of searching for the past that can never be found again.
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Publisher: self published
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