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by Berta A Daniels
Hardcover, Dust Jacket (September 7, 2017) Large Format Landscape, 13×11 in, 33×28 cm, 72 Pages printed on luster paper

Crossroads by photographer Berta A. Daniels, is not only a book of fine art nudes, but a statement about empowerment and breaking free from the narrow confines of what body images are considered beautiful in mainstream society. In exploring our relationship with the elemental forces, earth and water, air and fire, body and spirit, Berta's subjects journey together with her, connecting with the primal spirit of the land, and create images that reveal the essential being of each model. They examine the spaces in-between, of how and where we choose to present ourselves, and expose facets of our hidden core. These images are created in a space where the beauty and power of the Immanent Divine may express itself freely. By contacting the transformative power of the Living Earth, we catalyze that energy within ourselves. For it is in that space, if the conditions are right, that we can drop our masks and remember who we really are, if only for a moment. Berta's work is about beauty and inner beauty and taking our places in the world.

ISBN: 9781389650659
Publisher: Blurb / Fine Line
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