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The Photography Teacher's Handbook: Practical Methods for Engaging Students in the Flipped Classroom
by Garin Horner
The Photography Teacher’s Handbook is an educator’s resource for developing active, flipped learning environments in and out of the photo classroom, featuring ready-to-use methods to increase student engagement and motivation. Using the latest research on the cognitive science of effective learning, this book presents groundbreaking strategies to inspire students to collaborate, explore, and internalize photographic principles and concepts. The innovative practices in this book reimagine the traditional, scholarly pedagogy into a dynamic, teacher-guided, learner-centered approach.

Key features include:

Step-by-step instructions that explain how and why to flip a photography classroom Hands-on exercises and activities to help students take charge of their learning experience Practical advice from more than 100 respected photography educators An interactive companion website with informative videos, links, and resources for students and educators alike
ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-1138825734 ISBN-10: 1138825735
Publisher: Focal Press
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