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Mobile Churches
by Anton Roland Laub
2017 the photo book dummy was shortlisted for the Dummy Book Award at the International Photography Festival Les Rencontres d’Arles and at the Unseen Photography Festival in Amsterdam. By linking recent shots with archival material, this critical inventory aims at revealing a lesser-known dramatic and absurd chapter of Romania’s recent history: the displacement of seven churches from Bucharest under Ceaușescu’s ‘systematization’ program, as well as the immurement of a synagogue. Bucharest in the 1980s. Ceaușescu’s “systematisation” programme is in full swing in the Romanian capital: one-third of the historic centre has been wiped out to make way for imposing buildings and wide avenues intended to honour the regime. Despite Ceaușescu’s particularly dogged approach towards the churches, seven are spared and undergo a process as incredible as it is absurd: they are lifted and placed on rails then moved and hidden behind housing blocks. Withdrawn from the cityscape, interpolated in the disparate architecture that shapes Bucharest’s urban landscape today, they live secret lives hiding unresolved remnants of the past. Editor: Sonia Voss. Designer: Minami Shimakage. Contributors: Sonia Voss & Lotte Laub. Trilingual edition (De/Fr/En).
ISBN: 978-3-86828-838-4
Publisher: Kehrer Verlag