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by Roberto Aguirrezabala
Monographic book. Solo exhibition of Roberto Aguirrezabala in Bilbao Arte. Hardcover 24 x 17,5 cm., 88 pages. Text: “Endless revolutions” by Jaime Cuenca. Languages: English, Spanish and Basque. Year of publication: 2016.

Entropy is a journey back in time across 20th century Europe, an analytical and reflective tour to try to understand our present time even better. This project is focused on the period of the 20th century between 1914, with the beginning of the First World War, and 1991, with the downfall of the Soviet Union, exploring the contexts of revolution and social and political conflicts. It focuses on marginal people who lived through those events. Events such as the mass movements which emerged at the beginning of the century and attempted to destroy the individual, the exodus and migrations of displaced people during and after the two World Wars, the Berlin Wall or the indirect victims of revolutions and the new order imposed by totalitarian regimes. The portrayed characters are isolated individuals of the conflict, situated on the side lines of the action. They are vulnerable and make us curious to know more about their background, to know what they are thinking about and what they are experiencing. In Thermodynamics, entropy is the measurable property of a system’s unused energy. It is waste energy that is left over and outside the System. In the same way, the portrayed characters in this project are of similar nature, they are outside the System, leftovers, unused energy. The journey through revolutions also takes on board their philosophical basis by means of theoretical texts published at that same time. In such a way, Marx, Lacan, Nietzsche, Brecht, Mao, Freud or Spengler, among others, serve to make us think about the ideas that motivated them and have influenced our later history to define who we are at the present time.
ISBN: BI-552-2016
Publisher: Bilbao Arte Foundation

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