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"As his earlier work already showed, Bastiaan Woudt (1987) has a longstanding fascination for the African continent. Thus photographing the Ugandan countryside, where the Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation supports local drinking water projects, was a dream coming true.

He went to visit Mukono (Uganda) in October 2017. There, in addition to a commission for the Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation, Bastiaan was given the opportunity to set his own mark. In the short time given, within the context of this journey, he admirably succeeded to connect with the colourful people of Mukono. This resulted in a wide range of remarkable monochrome (b/w) portraits, and surreal impressions of the local landscapes. Altogether, these autonomously produced images very much highlight Woudt's typical, sober and yet very dynamic aesthetic 'signature' which, despite the early stage of his career, already has brought him wide and international recognition." - Erik Vroons
ISBN: 9789492677495
Publisher: Hannibal

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