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Hotel Kobenzl
by Matthias Hoch
The Hotel Kobenzl in Salzburg, located in the hills above the city, is a well-known former luxury hotel. When photographer Matthias Hoch and author Andreas Maier first visited the Kobenzl, it had already stood vacant for years. The splendour of the former five-star hotel now has something one might affectionately call patina (Die Zeit). In Matthias Hoch’s photographs, which scrutinise the surfaces and structures of the premises, a vibrant presence emerges from the preserved past. Complemented with archive material they highlight the commingling of homeland and hospitality with the notion of exclusivity and luxury. A surprising twist in the hotel’s history occurred when it was converted into a ‘refugee distribution centre’. Overnight, the erstwhile advertising slogan (‘The world is at home at the Kobenzl’) took on a whole new meaning.

Matthias Hoch: Hotel Kobenzl, with a text by Andreas Maier, graphic design: Kay Bachmann, 26x20 cm, 160 pages, hardcover with dust jacket, 75 color plates, 9 duoton- and 108 bw-images, German/English, Fotohof Edition, Salzburg 2016.
ISBN: 978-3-902993-25-0
Publisher: Fotohof Edition, Salzburg
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