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Manières D'être
by Walter Bakowski
According to Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner our lives are lived in a repeating cycle of three states; Waking, where we experience the world through our senses and process this information around us in a streamlined way. Dreaming, in which our mind collages visuals and other sensory information from the waking state and pieces it together to create an alternate reality. And sleeping, the state where our conscious mind detaches from the body to roam the spiritual landscape of beyond.

Manières D'être investigates these ideas and emotions in an abstracted narrative flow, focusing on both ideas of place and identity. Growing up with ADHD I have experienced the world in a unique way, because of the manner in which my brain works this often led to escapism from reality, to states of dreamlike imagination and curiosity. Manières D'être is driven by these deep personal connections with my own psychology and experience of the world.
Publisher: Self-published

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