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by Meeri Koutaniemi, Alejandro Cardenas
Homosexuality, transvestism and indigenous Mayan roots are reasons for discrimination and alienation in a conservative catholic society like México. Besides this, carrying an HIV-virus is another taboo that is pushed inside the closed doors of shelter homes and hospitals. Oasis tells about the fate of HIV-positive men in Mexico. In the middle of a small town Conkal exists a shelter home, Oasis, which provides medical care for HIV carriers who receive no support from their families, the state or the church. This is a story about transsexual Indians who interpret their freedom through their secretly held femininity. Gerardo, Reyna and Deborah believe in tomorrow despite the contempt and quiet violence they face from society. They finally find a way to themselves, by following their inner voice from the desert to the oasis. Oasis is a place and state of mind where men are accepted as equal.
Publisher: Musta Taide
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