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V E R O N I C A - Photographs by Veronica Lounge
by Veronica Lounge
'V E R O N I C A' - a book consisting of 69 photographs, is a unique collection of Fashion and Lifestyle works shot between 2009 and 2015. It's a personal exploration, where one can see the author's real development as an artist and a Woman. These are not just regular self-portraits, but rather a creative way to improvise within one's own photographic work-flow, while using Author's own looks to build an additional reality and capture the moment, where an anonymous model becomes part of the scene. Some of these photos were shot as tests or for assignments throughout the 6-year period of Veronica's career. Veronica Lounge isn't professional Model, but she has occasionally modeled in her own photos. This project was put together to close this 'chapter' of her life, after which she is now heading to new challenges, while continues to create beautiful Fashion&Lifestyle, Still-Life imagery for her models and clients. Credits: Photography, make-up, style, ideas, retouch - all by: VERONICA LOUNGE, www.veronicalounge.com / VERONICA LOUNGE STUDIO. Please, visit our promotional website about 'V E R O N I C A' book at > www.veronicalounge.com/veronica.
ISBN: 9781364865610
Publisher: self-published on Blurb

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