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by Veronica Lounge
STREET PETERSBURG is a Limited Edition book consisting of only 150 copies - each signed & numbered by the Author.

"STREET PETERSBURG" is already a second photobook produced by a photographer/stylist Veronica Lounge, but this is a first time when she is exposing her street & documentary photography and all previously unpublished photo materials.

The book was inspired by her beautiful home city, however this body of work is showcasing photos of parts of it and the people in a way that it could be easily taken elsewhere providing a viewer with feeling of witnessing timeless moments of a daily life, mostly in black&white imagery. Not officially reviewed yet, but based on our first customer feedbacks the book and the photos were very much enjoyed by them.

Book size and dimensions: A5, Hardcover, 32p., 170GSM, comes in a complementary handmade book case (not in the photos) produced in Saint-Petersburg to support the idea of this book's topic - the city, ships from a photographer's studio from Finland.

Read more about the book and make your purchase via book's promo website www.veronicalounge.com/streetpetersburg/
Publisher: self-published
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