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posed unposed proposed
by Alex Liverani
Title: Posed Unposed Proposed (fanzine) Author: Alex Liverani Pages: 40 Dimensions: 165mm x 240mm Prize: 10 EUR Copies: 150 Limited Edition Availability: SOLD OUT Street Photography is difficult, damn difficult, maybe the most difficult photographic genre to grasp as it demands of its interpreter the capacity to react instinctively to unpredictable. Readiness to react is required to be able to compose and recognize a scene within a fraction of a second, or better yet, to pre-visualize it. The photographer must record/register what unfolds without ever knowing what photograph he or she photograph will encounter next. In all likelihood this will mean that 99% of the photographs taken will end up as garbage, and that only within that last 1% the photographer will maybe find an truly satisfactory image.

But can we be sure this is the only approach to Street Photography? How often does this romantic vision actually lead to all those photos we gaze at with awe and admiration?

This following sequence of photographs aims to answer these questions with a provocation.

“Posed, unposed, proposed” aims to create a meaningful coexistence between the posed and the unposed image and proposes them in combination with images that, when perceived individually, might appear insignificant. Like pieces of a puzzle, useless tiles that only assume a significant form when assembled. In this process of constructing significance one does not wait for something to happen, but rather, one scrutinizes reality looking for correspondences that unite distant subjects, distinct elements.

Some of these photos are posed.

It is up to you to discover which.
Publisher: self publishing

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