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by Mark Chester
Mark Chester's Twosomes touring exhibit and award-winning companion book from Un-Gyve Press represents images culled from his forty years of traveling with a camera, presented in pairings related by subject matter, graphic interest or, as the photographer puts it, "a stretch of the imagination." A wide-reaching body-of-work that connects architectural icons with sidewalk signage; Japan with Iowa; 1979 with 2002; celebrity with passerby in a manner that reveals, as novelist Paul Theroux describes, "tremendous humanity and humor... In this juxtaposition of matching moods and paraphernalia, Mark Chester shows us in an ingenious way how the world is related and how we matter to each other." Twosomes features 202 plates, 101 image pairs. The 11" x 13" hardcover book designed by Un-Gyve Limited with an introduction by Julia Courtney, Curator of Art for the Springfield Museums, Springfield, Massachusetts, is a 2012 PDN Photo Annual winner in the Book Category.
ISBN: 978-0-9829198-0-4
Publisher: Un-Gyve Press

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