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Everything is Full of Gods
by Rodrigo Etcheto
How should I live my life? Everyone asks themselves this question sooner later. But before we can answer this, we must first ask ourselves: What is the true nature of reality?

Using a creative format of short, simple concepts paired with timeless black and white photography, landscape photographer Rodrigo Etcheto guides us on an exploration of the true nature of reality and what it means for our daily lives. Using clear and simple language, he cuts to the root of difficult philosophical ideas and presents them in a way designed to help us understand, meditate and most importantly... remember. Drawing on sources from the ancient Stoics and Epicureans to modern philosophers like Spinoza, Eddington, Strawson and Whitehead, Everything is Full of Gods is a guided tour of some of the most radical philosophical ideas ever explored.

Inspired by the ancient Stoic practice of spiritual exercises, Everything is Full of Gods illuminates complicated ideas on the true nature of mind, matter and life and brings them down to earth, so they can have a practical effect on the way we choose to live our lives.

By presenting philosophical ideas in the short format pioneered by ancient Greco-Roman philosophers instead of the dry, modern academic form we now associate with philosophy, any practitioner of mindfulness meditation will be inspired to try new forms of active contemplation.
ISBN: 978-0692108307
Publisher: Panta Rhei Press
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