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Black Holes & Other Inconsistencies
by Edgar Martins
Produced in the final year of his MA degree in Photography and Fine Art at the Royal College of Art (london), Black Holes & Other Inconsistencies was conceived in response to Martins’ research work on the theme of the metastization of the urban frontier and its impact on our understanding of the de-centred city.

‘If we’re no longer able to define what a city is, how are we to relate to it?’, asks Martins.

Produced almost entirely in peripheral regions in South-East China, Portugal and South Africa, Martins uses the ‘Black Hole’ as a metaphor for reason at a point of exhaustion.

Black Holes & Other Inconsistencies highlights a point of resistance: resistance to the world of flux and flow that we live in; to a world haunted by mobility, intangibility and uncertainty.
ISBN: 978-09543957-0-0
Publisher: The Moth House
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