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The Grandmothers
by Magda Kuca
The Grandmothers is book based on a series of images inspired by ethnological investigation, shoot in wet plate collodion. Together with my grandmother, featured on the portraits we tried to interpret the meaning of Slavic identity using handmade objects inspired by old rituals and customs. Unusual technique of collodion strengthened the link between the artistic approach and the desire to dive into my general ancestry and ethnological heritage. The book is exact size of an original collodion glass plate used in process, adding another layer of interpretation to the images: handmade tooling, which I separately did myself for each copy, refers to the tactile sense and tangibility of collodion process. Thanks to the quotes taken from the original report on a distant tribe\*, authenticating the tribe of our creation, it plays with convention of illustrated ethnological book showing universality of its language. Despite the fact that the book look like ancient artefact, the images along with the texts offer insight into the history of photography overlaid with Slavic tradition and timeless familial relationships. \*Report on the Ethnology of the South-eastern Tribes of Vancouver Island British Columbia by Hill-Tout Charles, 1858-1944; Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland
Publisher: Self-published