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F.A.S.T. - in memoriam
by Marijke Stroucken
2009 Financial crisis. More and more building sites are empty and abandoned. This is not the case at a beautiful spot next to the harbour head in Scheveningen. Between harbour, beach and boulevard, the surf hostel FAST (Free Architecture Surf Terrain) is build. FAST is a project without fixed plans or goal. Unexpected events are incorporated in the project. It continues to develop while being exploited. There are containers and cabins, each with their own functions. Hostel, shop, hospitality, study, kitchen. FAST has become a cultural platform, where families, artists, tourist, surfers, musicians meet, build bridges and sometimes live permanently.

2015 Economy is growing again and The Hague has other plans with the building site. FAST has to close down. October 31 2015 is the last party at the terrain. Doors are closed at 0500 am. In January 2016 the terrain is empty. Waiting for the new owner. A hotel, of which there are so many already.
Publisher: Self Published