'More Than Forty Years Capturing Life With a Camera'
by John Crosley
100 pages of photos from John Crosley, 65 per cent black and white images in Section I and remainder, Section II, color.

Printed on highest quality photo paper; a very rare collector's item.

Contains historic photos including from start of Crosley's photo career from NYC when first acquired camera with first published image, from Bobby Kennedy Assassination a few weeks after purchase, published in NY Times front section the day after Sirhan Sirhan shot down the presidential candidate..

Later through mid career in the early to mid 1990s and his first exhibition, Wetzlar Germany (home of Leica), and career restart in 203 until book publication eight years ago. (continuing with millions of image taken since publication date.

Many images remain widely published world wide today with some that have become memes.

Includes work from Crosley's Vietnam war period, his later career with Associated Press photos through his latest period, started in 2003 through publication date, 2010.

Available in original PDF.

Rare but copies available as PDFs
ISBN: none
Publisher: A&I Photo Publishing, Hollywood

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