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La città del disincanto
by Giovanni Scotti
Built in 1965, just ten years after Disneyland (which was created by Walt Disney in the outskirts of Los Angeles), Edenlandia was the first amusement park in Europe. Here, two generations of Neapolitan children, in the company of their parents, had possibly the most striking encounter with the world of fairy tales, before the park was closed down and abandoned to the decay of the suburbs surrounding it. The choice to represent a place that is long dead with respect to the reason for its creation and life, the decision to meet again the long gone time of childhood by photographing the visible ruin of the figures that had magically animated the first images of memory, means facing the original core of our world and of every person (who, like Scotti, is searching for a new image of the world). (Giovanni Chiaramonte)
ISBN: 978-88-6950-055-8
Publisher: Rogiosi Editore

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