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Skogskyrkogården / The Woodland Cemetery
by Peter Eriksson
I´ve been to a number of funerals at Skogskyrkogården / The Woodland Cemetery and have always reflected over the dignity it represents - how well the landscape and buildings is in harmony with the place itself and the feelings you house at such sorrowfull occasions.

But Skogskyrkogården works in more ways than that: it does not only harmonize; it also gives something more to the visitor. A quiet walk among the woods and the tombstones, among the many pinetrees and the light that seeps through its branches, and then continuing up to Almhöjden with its feeling of space - and hope - nurtures the soul.

That among all this mortality that is represented by the tombstones something is growing, both symbolically and literary, out of that which is no longer alive. To me Skogskyrkogården represents life as much as death.

The purpose of this book has not been to do a documentation in a traditional sense, rather to try to convey the feelings and the atmosphere I experience in the seasons i most prefer this beautiful place: autumn and winter.

//Peter Eriksson
ISBN: 9789163973086
Publisher: Self published
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