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Chicago Parks Rediscovered
by Frank Dina / Jeff Huebner
With this exquisite collection of color photographs of Chicago's parks, photographer and Chicago native, Frank Dina has cast a fresh eye on these natural gems that dot our urban landscape.

From the sumptuous lake shore to the inner city these images capture the light, color and mood of our public spaces throughout the changing seasons. Frederick Law Olmstead's and Jen Jensen's vision of a "garden in a city" is reflected within the pages of this book. The images at once subtly incorporate and contrast the natural landscape within the urban landscape. The Prairie style architecture that is found in many of Chicago's parks is both a reflection of the concrete urban landscape within which the parks are located.

The totality of these images is an eloquent visual portrait of the origins of our bold and proud city from the vast wilderness of the mid-western prairie. This is an impressive re-discovery and re-affirmation of these islands of peace, beauty and tranquility amidst the bustle and dynamism that is Chicago.
ISBN: 0-912223-02-2
Publisher: Northwestern University Press

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