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The perfectly bizarre and fake Family Bell
by Sabrina-M

This little quirky book is the history of the family Bell. I can guarantee you, they are quiet unique. The whole family has about 19 pictures and I made a small coffee table book with them, spiced with little stories and fun facts about the person. The book is set up like a family tree, so you can browse and search for the family connection. Read about there unique stories. It's a translating of a childhood fantasy of having an interested family. I spend hours browsing old pictures in search of a portrait that could become a new member go the family tree. Once a portrait is found, the imagination kicks in, adding props and colours, slowly building the character and persona. Using Photoshop to digital hand-colour and manipulate images to make then fun, quirky and surreal. I often use my own genealogy as a guide to get the dates right, couldn't have a family tree where the mum is older than grandma.

ISBN: 9789090310350
Publisher: self-published
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