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by Patryk Karbowski
It is estimated that more than half of Warsaw’s inhabitants was born outside of this city. For many young people in Poland, migration to a big city is a natural stage in their development and the only chance to progress in life. Part of essay by Marta Szarejko from the book: Sometimes it is the details that count: the colour of socks worn by the boy who’s sitting on an Ikea stool and gazing melancholically into the distance; a cheerless sweater hanging from a drying rack in dirty grey light; an ironing board next to the TV set; the expressionless faces of dressed up girls with eyes fixed on their smart phone screens. Or a lamp standing next to an almost empty shelf. [...] By now, I have almost suppressed it: newcomers live among other newcomers. And they do it in a completely different way to those born here.
ISBN: 978-83-951148-2-3
Publisher: Dlaczemu
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