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by Nina Holtan
«Drammensere» is a wonderful book with 80 of Nina Holtan´s fantastic black-and-white portraits of the citizens of Drammen; all with different and unique ethnic background. Nina has learned to know these citizens through meetings, she has photographed them and listened to their thoughts and stories. Every single portrait is a fascinating story in itself and they are accompanied with citations, stories and environmental portraits.

Collected in hardback covers, all the portraits make a close and including insight in who the citizens of Drammen are. A view behind the numbers, and past stereotypes. The book is an outstanding, warm snapshot of the magnitude of the population in Drammen today. We meet Drammensere we often hear of, but rarely hear from. Nina shows through her project — both literally and in a strong symbolic importance - the face of Drammen.
ISBN: 978-82-691464-0-0
Publisher: WELT

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