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The Rest Between Two Notes: Selected Work by Fran Forman
by Fran Forman
By integrating her contemporary photography with historical periods and various settings from around the world, Forman creates a world of illusion; upon closer inspection, what appears ordinary suggests an underlying tension and an aura of mystery. Expressed in the diffused colors of twilight and chiaroscruro, her images blur the boundaries between photography, late Renaissance painting, and film noir.

Forman’s photo-paintings explore those liminal and in-between moments - of coming and leaving, innocence and confidence, shadow and light, night and day, absence and connection, loss and longing, and not quite the past and not yet the future. Portals, both real and metaphorical, frequent her layered, complex and often dark dreamlike images.

Her work is recognized for imbuing each image with strong, harmonious compositions and for her explosive use of color, light and shadow. As a cinematographer writes a narrative with movement and sound, Forman writes with still images, where the images have no power except through their position and relationship. It is these relationships that elicit emotions of desire, vulnerability, and a desperate longing for connection.

Between Two Notes will feature approximately 100 images, insterspersed with comments from a diverse group of admirers.
Publisher: Unicorn