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Who deserves to die?
by Sofía Moro
Do people who are condemned to death really deserve to die?. Does any government believe that it can determine whether a human being deserves to live or die?. This book takes a tour through five countries that retain the death penalty in its Criminal Code: the United States, Japan, Belarus, Malawi and Iran, and shows through photographs and testimonies, that regardless of the degree of development, the majority religion or of the political color in power, the capital punishment is racist, classist, opportunist, ends the life of the innocent and can be used by the States as a powerful tool of government control and repression in the form of apparently legal extreme violence. But, above all, it is tremendously inhuman and cruel and is absolutely incompatible with the defense of Human Rights.
ISBN: 978-84-949261-1-2
Publisher: PHREE

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