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Shopping Bag Ladies Of New York
by Joan Roth
5.0 out of 5 starsUnexpectedly gripping reading March 19, 2013 Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase This book was written and photographed in the 1970s, so I expected it to sound dated, or be dated in its information and photos. I bought it because I wanted to learn more about homelessness in women and there are few books on this subject. I expected that I would get more from the photos from the writing, as the author is a professional photographer. I was totally surprised by the excellence of the writing! I started reading and could not put the book down for two days. The photos are stunning, disturbing and rich in detail and lo and behold, so is the writing. The issues discussed are just as relevant today and they were then, and it is shocking how little has changed. This is an excellent book; I wish the author would do another.
ISBN: 0=942160-00-2
Publisher: Saint Joan's Press
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