Lost in the Midwest
by Sandra Louise Dyas
"Sandra Louise Dyas' work is firmly grounded in the Midwest -- its terrain, people and culture. For those people fortunate enough to have lived in the Midwest, briefly or all their lives -- the immediate imagery is stunning with its familiarity. We know the land, the people and the values. It is with this shock of recognition combined with Ms. Dyas' intensely personal approach that creates the power of these images. For those people who have not visited the region, you are treated to an insider's view of a world that is flown over, driven through, and taken for granted." --Chris Offutt, Author of Kentucky Straight, The Same River Twice, My Father, the Pornographer and more. Author website http://www.sandydyas.com Features & Details Edit Category Arts & Photography Books Size Standard Landscape, 10×8 in, 25×20 cm 134 Pages Publish Date Jul 12, 2016 Language English Tags Iowa, photography, Chris Offutt, Lost in the Midwest, Sandy Dyas
Publisher: Blurb.com
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