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by Miguel Angel Garcia

The project has to do with the construction of the landscape, considering it as a cultural development, intentional, critical, but always unfinished, as is any society in its construction process. In this work my search focuses on the traces and symbols that speak of that potential for the future and also of its origins (without renouncing the use of its more traditional resources, bamboo, for example) as instruments to build the future. Metallic structures in the construction of large skyscrapers of South Asia. Remains of archeology of the consumer society in billboards without ads that talk about technology, vanguard, urban renewal, obsolescence, volatile marketing, the future to be done. The images have an enormous potential of meanings, they are a semantic bomb, and therefore "an unfinished landscape", complex, in a world in permanent state of change.

ISBN: 978-84-617-8580-3
Publisher: Government of Cantabria
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