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Remembering the future
by Albarran Cabrera
"Time moves in one direction, memory another. We are that strange species that constructs artifacts intended to counter the natural flow of forgetting." William Gibson.

We are our memories. They defined what we are and help us to understand our reality.

When we remember, we do not recall a perfect stored representation of the event. A memory is not a snapshot or movie of our lives. We construct our memories based on a set of things that happened, perceived and imagined. What those things are also depends on ourselves, our past experiences, and our knowledge. Consequently, each time we recall a event, we change it. We reconstruct a skeleton with the most important pieces and fill the gaps with our imagination. So the memory recreated isn’t a perfect stored representation of the event.

Thinking about the future is one of the main characteristics of being human. We plan. We see the future: what will happen and how we’ll react.

Thinking about past and future can seems different activities, but when we think about the future, we do the same mental work as when we remember. We just remember a future that hasn’t happenedyet.

These two activities, remembering the past and future are deeply connected and never stop. we perform these activities our entire life in a more or less consciously way to define ourselves, to understand our world. ---- Winner of The Best Book in the national category. PhotoEspaña 2019 ----
ISBN: 978-84-17047-51-1
Publisher: RM Editorial

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