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Nicole Hollmann »Out of Focus«
by Edited by F.C. Gundlach, Texts by Hubertus Gaßner and Klaus Honnef
The vibrant metropolis New York inspired Nicole Hollmann to transform its three-dimensional reality with all its myriad acoustic and olfactory facets into two-dimensionality through the medium of photography. The result is a series of large-format photographs that verge on the threshold of painting. Hollmann sacrificed the precise articulation and delineation of her subjects in favor of impressions of their forms and – above all – colors. Her pictures do not impose any particular reading on viewers, dictating how they should see the world around them. Instead, they challenge us to fill the space left open by the reduced pictorial information with our own experiences and emotions. The personal imagery that thus emerges is often more precise than the kind of obtrusively sharp focus that often conceals more than it reveals.
ISBN: ISBN 978-3-86828-236-8 
Publisher: Kehrer Verlag

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