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In my mind there is never silence
by Diego Moreno
This Photobook originated with “Los Panzudos Mercedarios”, the stout guardians of the neighborhood of La Merced in San Cristóbal de las Casas in Chiapas, México. The Panzudos represent the sins: the more sins a person has to expiate, the bigger and uglier his attire will be, the better to cure his sins. These figures herald the feast day of Our Lady of La Merced and accompany her, purifying themselves in the process. The announcement is made as the figure of the Virgin Mary passes by, carried on the shoulders of her bearers, with a retinue of Aztecs, Catholics, and Moors mounted on horseback, dressed as Arabs and with their faces painted, representing the Muslims who invaded and occupied Spain between 702 and 1492. Integrated this ancestral imaginary with the exploration of familiar universe. From a family event where my great aunt dies of an autoimmune disease called ‘scleroderma’ that deforms her throughout her life, I resort to fantasy and fiction to rebuild her image. I try to investigate the links, the monstrosity, disease and death. I explore the tunnels of representation of domestic space. Fusing it with pre-Hispanic traditions and the apocalyptic visions of the Catholic religión. This work gives new meaning to the intrincate tangle of the concealed and the visible, the individual and the collective subconscious, on the highly complex map of coexisting cultures and beliefs in contemporary Mexico.
Publisher: INFRAMUNDO/Hydra+Fotografía

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