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The Moment in Space
by Barbara Probst

OPENING WITH THE INAUGURAL EXPOSURE #1, WHERE BARBARA PROBST JUMPS ON A NEW YORK ROOF IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, THE MOMENT IN SPACE, CO-EDITED BY LE BAL AND HARTMANN BOOKS, RETRACES 20 YEARS OF THE GERMAN PHOTOGRAPHER'S WORK AT THE CROSSROADS OF GENRES, FROM PORTRAIT TO STILL LIFE, FROM LANDSCAPE TO STUDIO SHOTS. Designed by graphic designer Pierre Hourquet, the flexible book displays these enigmatic series over 120 pages and a section of five leaflets. Scattered throughout the book, diagrams and models made by the artist allow to get as close as possible to her intention and to invest the sensory and technical depth behind each image. In his essay All at once, Frédéric Paul explores the conceptual and theoretical context of Barbara Probst's work, describing the meticulous implementation of her device, the realization of the Exposures series, and the grid they impose on our experience of the image. Exposures are mental puzzles to be recomposed. The viewer is invited to investigate so as to mentally reconstruct a possible version of the moment. 23,5 x 30 cm / 120 pages with five foldouts and 158 illustrations / Text by Frédéric Paul / French/English / Published in May 2019

ISBN: 978-3-96070-035-7
Publisher: Le Bal and Hartmann Books
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