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IdN Extra 03: Society 6: The New Twenties
by Justin Cooper
In this third special edition, IdN collaborates with Society6, one of the largest online platforms for up-and-coming designers, to showcase the talent of 58 young artists raised in the internet boom of the late twentieth century, whose paradigms for design, networking and self-promotion differ radically from those of previous generations. Among the "twentysomethings" featured here are Andrea Forgacs Andreco, Andrew Groves, Anthony Zinonos, Ben Chlapek, Blaine Fontana C86, Matt Lyon, Cayetano G. Valenzuela, Charles Clary, Chow Martin, Chris Piascik, Chris Thornley, Clemens Behr, Colin Jenkinson, Craig Matchett, Crayon Dreamer, Daniel Lucas, Daryll Peirce, Dean West, Emory Allen, Famous When Dead, Gemma Correll, Geoffrey Agrons, Glenn Arthur, Heroes & Villains, Jacopo Rosati, Jacqueline Kari Bos, Jennifer Daniel, Jerzy Goliszewski, Jesse Draxler, Joe Van Wetering, Jon MacNair, Jonny Wan, Joshua Agerstrand, Julia Sonmi Heglund, Julian Callos Keflione, Laura Gee, Laura McKellar, Lillianna Pereira, Lloyd Eugene, Winter IV, Marco Puccini, Matt Scobey, Matt Taylor, Max-o-matic, Mete Yafet, mrYen, Natalie Nicklin, Nazario Graziano, Oh Yeah Studio, Onesidezero, Overture, Pascal Hoayek, Paul Octavious, Stephen Chan, Steven Bonner and Visual Narcotics:20mg.
ISBN: 9881847044
Publisher: IdN (February 28, 2011)
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