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APÉRO Catalogue May 2019 - "Harmony" Fine Art Collection
by E.E. Jacks (Curator) | Jeremy E. Grayson (Designer)
‘Harmony’ is a collection of art that focuses on similar shapes and related elements. The work showcases repetitions in various elements of shape, color and texture. These unifying aspects are portrayed in all subject matter. The work is comprised of drawings, paintings, photography, mixed media, digital , and ceramic pieces, both representational and abstract in nature.

Featured Artists: Jessica Alazraki, Sylvia Bandyke, Laura Book, Luke Bryant, Natalie Christensen, Celeste Christie, Betty Cox, Angela Cruz, Phil de Giens, Zeiko Duka, Stefania Grasso, Joshua Hust, Rebecca Katz, Ron Kenedi, Sandrena Koning, Katie Korotzer, Nicholas Kozis, Jessica Leigh, Jara Marzulli, Mallorie Ostrowitz, Hilary Saner, Ira Stein, Margaret Stivers, Pamela Waldroup & Sachi Yoshimoto.
ISBN: Hardcover, ImageWrap: 9780368775246
Publisher: E.E. Jacks
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