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APÉRO Catalogue June 2019 - "Tone" Fine Art Collection
by E.E. Jacks (Curator) | Jeremy E. Grayson (Designer)
‘Tone’ is a collection of art that focuses on emotive shading, values, shadows and depth! The work emphasizes emotional tones as well as visual mid-tones. These tones are portrayed in a variety of subjects. The work is comprised of drawings, paintings, photography, mixed media, and digital, both representational and abstract in nature.

Featuring Artists: Sylvia Bandyke, Elton Burgest, Betty Cox, Jonathan Evans, Djhenny Guerrier, Sara Hupas, Jamie Johnson, Rebecca Katz, Ron Kenedi, Sandrena Koning, Nicholas Kozis, Jessica Leigh, Alexander Lopez-Guervara, Mallorie Ostrowitz, Ira Stein, Jos Stumpe, Sybiline, Claudia Venuto, Joe Walters & Sachi Yoshimoto.
ISBN: Hardcover, ImageWrap: 9780368937224
Publisher: E.E. Jacks

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