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APÉRO Catalogue July 2019 - "Warmth" Fine Art Collection
by E.E. Jacks (Curator) | Jeremy E. Grayson (Designer)
‘Warmth’ is a collection of art that focuses on affection, sympathy, love, and enthusiasm for life! The work is both abstract and literal in its interpretation of ‘warmth’ and showcases warm colors as well as cheerfulness and excitement! The work is comprised of drawings, paintings, photography, mixed media, digital, and sculpture both representational and abstract in nature.

Featuring Artists: Jessica Alazraki, Nathan Altier, Sylvia Bandyke, Walt Curlee, Louis Degni, Michael Dumas, Nicole Esposito, Mary Golden-Musick, Edmund Ian Grant, Stefania Grasso, Elizabeth Hoage, Lori Horowitz, Tricia Hoye, Nahid Jaffee, Jamie Johnson, Susan Johnson, Ron Kenedi, Sandrena Koning, Nicholas Kozis, Jessica Leigh, Raheleh Mohammad, Jing Ren Ong, Mallorie Ostrowitz, Alex Paat, Fran Sampson, Hilary Saner, Ira Stein, Patricia Edith Mary Thompson, Yumi Yagi, Ming Ying & Sachi Yoshimoto
ISBN: Hardcover, ImageWrap: 9780464098348
Publisher: E.E. Jacks

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