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Combing for Ice and Jade
by Kurt Tong
Combing for Ice and Jade is a love note from Kurt Tong to his nanny, who was one of the last remaining ‘self combed’ women left in China. An early form of Feminism, the comb up ceremony granted women great autonomy at a great cost.

Kurt Tong has worked closely with his nanny over a period of nearly 7 years. Having only 8 photographs of herself, the book is an exploration of her extraordinary life. Her story is slowly revealed through the book, combined with Kurt’s family archive, found photographs from her extended families, new photographs, Chinese ink works and women’s magazines from China that spanned 6 decades.

Special Edition includes one original rice print with Chinese ink on traditional Xuan paper by hand, rather than by machine that would be accompanied in the Normal Edition.
Publisher: Jiazazhi Press

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